About Chimgee

Erdenechimeg “Chimgee” Haltarhuu was born in Mongolia. As a girl she learned gymnastics and was talented enough to beat out over 500 other children for a place in the prestigious Mongolian Circus School. In this four year college she graduated with the highest possible honors proficient in all circus skills. Chimgee then joined the Mongolian State Circus, where she traveled all over Mongolia as well as internationally. In 1991 she was brought to America with Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey circus, where she performed adagio, acrobatics and bungee trapeze. After five years on Ringling, Chimgee performed foot juggling, hand balancing. and hula hoops with Yankee Doodle Circus and coached and performed for Circus Smirkus in Vermont. In 2002 Chimgee moved to MN and joined Circus Juventas as a coach. Soon after arriving in MN she founded her own show, Circus Manduhai, which performs in the MN and WI area.

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